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Patient A

Patient at Day 1

​​This patient was born with unilateral cleft, which means slit is on one side of the lip and palate (roof of the mouth) only.

Patient at Week 2

​​The plate is inserted and secured in place with special sticky adhesive and tape with elastics.


Note wide seperation of the lips and collapsed nostril on the affected side.

Patient at Week 6 wks

​​The edges of the lips are closer together and the nostril width is decreasing.

Patient at 12 wks

The edges of the lips are touching with tape alone. The nose maintaines better shape without any stents.


Patienet is ready for surgery.

15 mm gap

Patient at Week 1

​​At 1-2 weeks mold of the inside of the mouth is taken so that the NAM or plate can be fabricated.

Note the large gap marked by the red wax in the patient. The ridges are about 15mm apart.

 8 mm gap

Patient at 4 wks

​​Note the gap beween the ridges at the front has now been reduced to 8mm.

Patient at 8 wks

Nose piece was added to mold the nostril. Note the lips are almost touching at rest.


Patient 9 days after surgery
Nose looks very nice. Scar is healing well
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