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Plate for kids with cleft lip and palate
plate for kids with cleft lip and palate

What is the NAM?

NAM is short for nasoalveolar molding appliance. The child wears it in the mouth for 3-4 months after birth to mold or close the slit between the ridges in the mouth.  This brings the edges of the lips together. After the gap has been reduced to 5mm, nasal stent is added to lift the nose and improve the shape.

The plate is worn all the time and removed once a day for cleaning. It is secured in place using an adhesive paste and elastics with tape attached to the cheeks. Additional tape is used to apply pressure as needed.


The appliance needs to be adjusted weekly or biweekly by Dr.Myers.



cleft lip and palate, dental needs
cleft lip and palate
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