Advances in dentistry.

At our office we are committed to the use of better and safer materials available to us.


1. BPA free- This chemical was outlawed for use in plastic bottles. The composites and sealants we use in our office are free of this toxin.


2. Gluten free- if your child has allergies, ask us about materials that are gluten free


3. Isolite- this isolation device allows us to do small fillings without a rubber dam and without numbing / local freezing since a potentially painful clamp is not required. With this device we can complete treatment faster and with less reliance on anaesthetics.


Isolite is a soft rubber material that wraps around the teeth and suctions away saliva. It is soft and easy to place inside the mouth.


It also lights up the teeth for better visualization.

A rubber dam still has to be used in some cases. But for smaller fillings and more cooperative children, isolite is a great option.


There is no need for metal clamps or numbing. 




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