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Why visit a Pediatric Dentist in Victoria?

Many general dentists in Victoria treat children and some even limit their practice solely to that age group.

A pediatric dentist, however is a board certified specialist who has two to three years specialized training beyond dental school, allowing them to focus exclusively on the oral health of infancy through the teenage years, including children with special needs. A child should see a pediatric dentist when their first tooth comes in, or at 12 months of age.


This individualized training which includes pediatric medicine, child growth and development, sedation and general anesthesia, pediatric pharmacology, and child psychology is what sets us apart. You DO NOT need a referral to see a pediatric dentist in Victoria.


Pediatric dentists have a dual role, that of a consultant when your child will be seen only for a specific treatment, or primary care, when your child will be seen by the specialist for many years to come.

Pediatric Dentist in Victoria

Dr. Tila Bahri, DMD, FRCD(C)


Dr. Tila Bahri was born and raised in Iran. She finished dental school in Turkey, after which she moved back to Iran where she treated medically compromised, fearful patients often in desperate need of dental services. 


After moving to Canada, Dr.Tila attended dental school at the University of British Columbia to qualify for a Canadian license. She initially worked in a variety of settings in Canada, from rural BC to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. To further her education she subsequently completed a General Practice Residency in Saskatoon where she treated many children with dental trauma.


After working for two years in BC, she was finally able to pursue her education in paediatric dentistry at the BC Children Hospital, Vancouver. After passing the board examinations, Dr. Tila became a fellow of the Royal College of Specialists in Canada and is a Certified Specialist in Paediatric Dentistry.


Dr.Tila strives to fully support the members of her team and provide the best possible patient outcomes. She speaks Farsi and Turkish, and is keenly sensitive to cultural differences. To better serve her patients, Dr.Tila takes ongoing professional development courses. When she’s not working, Dr.Tila loves to spend time with her family, friends, a good book and dancing Salsa.




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